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Name:Det. Danny Williams
Birthdate:Jan 23
Location:Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America
The third of six siblings, Danny Williams grew up surrounded by loud, confrontational, passionate people. It's definitely shaped who he is, and how he views life. Inspired by his father's career as a firefighter, Danny entered the police academy as soon as he graduated high school. He prided himself on being a good student and then an even better cop, dedicated to doing the job right.

When his car got slammed into during a routine traffic stop, he was furious. When he saw who was driving, however, he quickly changed his mind. It wasn't long before he and Rachel were dating steadily, and it wasn't long after that that he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Blissfully happy and wrapped up in each other, they built a life for themselves, carving out a niche in Weehawken, ready to spend the rest of their lives in suburban paradise with a little baby girl completing the picture. But things quickly soured. Their conflicting work schedules, exacerbated by the baby's need for care pushed them apart, and before he knew it, they were fighting every night, sleeping in separate rooms and barely speaking in the morning. It didn't come as a surprise when Rachel filed for divorce. What was a surprise, however, was when she remarried and moved 5,000 miles away to an island in the middle of the Pacific.

Determined to stay a presence in his daughter's life, Danny followed Rachel and Grace out to Hawaii, transferring to HPD and finding the cheapest apartment he could afford on his pitiful salary. Six months after moving to this pineapple-infested hell-hole, he met Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett and was drafted into his new task-force. Life at 5-0 is much more exciting and adrenalin-filled than he's comfortable with, but he's getting used to it, and even starting to have a little fun. Don't tell Steve, though. He hates it here. He really does.
✖ Danny is played as up-to-canon as possible. Any and all events happening in the show will affect his main canon verse; if they contradict something decided on in a side verse, they can be ignored or tweaked for favor of fun plotty-times. If you're confused about what verse we're playing in, or whether or not something has happened, just drop me a line, I'll be happy to clarity.

Second Chances/Canon Verse (with [info]psychoringtone): Follows canon up until the season finale. Close proximity and Stan's constant absences have allowed Rachel and Danny to grow closer, learning to work past the problems that tore apart their marriage the first time around. Things aren't easy, they still fight, but they've started to realize what is and what isn't worth fighting over. Ignoring almost all of episode 1x24, Rachel hasn't left Hawaii and 5-0 hasn't disbanded. The only thing that has been kept is Rachel's announcement that she's carrying Danny's child.

Mākaʻi Kuene Wahine (with [info]givesapush): The traditional post-bad day ritual is the same across the world: drink your sorrows away at the local bar. What Danny hadn't been expecting, however, was to meet a pretty little haole behind the bar who, surprisingly enough, seemed to take an interest in him. He'd totally deny it, but he went back the next night hoping to find her again, and then the night after that, and so on, until they had somehow started dating for real without anyone really noticing. Danny enjoys all the perks that come with having a girlfriend -- regular sex, someone to cuddle at night, someone to cook real food, casual adult conversations -- but he knows there's something Dani isn't telling him about herself. He's patient, though, he'll wait her out.

Want a verse? PM me and we'll chat. :)
In no way am I claiming ownership over either Danny Williams or Scott Caan. The former belongs to CBS and the writers of Hawaii Five-0, and the latter belongs to himself. This is just for pretendy fun-times.

Mun and muse are both over eighteen. This muse is played primarily in [info]smuttysws with occasional forays into [info]sixwordstories. Once I get around to it, his journal will be used as well. Banner made by [info]magicmachine. Gif nabbed from Tumblr, maker unknown.

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